The Department of Transportation (DOT) is in charge of keeping our country’s transportation system safe and secure for the public. DOT compliance is accomplished when a carrier meets or surpasses the DOT’s criteria. These standards addressed safety-critical topics such as the following:


All drivers who will operate a CDL-required vehicle must be enrolled into a random drug testing program or consortium. They will take a pre-employment drug test & make themselves available to be randomly tested throughout the year.

All drivers who operate a CDL required vehicle and any companies who employ CDL drivers must be registered into the Clearinghouse.

All vehicles must have been inspected by a DOT certified mechanic within the last 12 months.

Any drivers who cross state lines must have a valid DOT medical card.

You must maintain a Driver Qualification File on each driver who operates under a DOT number, and that file must be renewed annually.

You must have valid commercial insurance for each vehicle.

If you cross state lines and are not otherwise exempt, you must have an ELD (ELECTRONIC LOGGING DEVICE) for each vehicle.

Maintain driver’s records of duty.

This is a thorough but not exhaustive list.



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