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GPS Tracking

Compliance Service Bureau is affiliated with Go Motive, which provides companies with advanced truck GPS tracking solutions. With their dedicated and helpful team, they offer customized options for the commercial vehicle industry so that you can maximize driver safety.

What Makes them Different from Others

Go Motive will get you the most effective and reliable commercial vehicle tracking solution for your small or mid-sized business. They specialize in providing versatile technology that can accommodate various needs, from auto glass companies to delivery logistics employees-even construction sites. Their high-level customer service ensures every client has their requirements met with efficient solutions tailored right for them. Moreover, they provide reliable, full-featured GPS trackers for companies who need ongoing dedication to improvement and personalized solutions designed specifically around your operational needs at an affordable price! Their trained staff will work closely with you on every project so they can help grow yours into something greater than ever before.

Advantages of Go Motive Truck GPS Tracking

They strive to deliver high-quality and certified GPS products at an unparalleled price with our exceptional value proposition.

With their customer support professionals, you can count on them to be there when it matters. They're available with fast and
reliable solutions or assistance around your equipment needs - no matter how big they get.

With their GPS tracking devices, they constantly improve the service to ensure you receive relevant updates.


Improve Your Business

They can help you manage your business with an efficient and effective truck tracking system. GPS units allow real-time information on each vehicle’s location, activity, or status in a fleet to improve customer service and company profitability by delivering accurate data analytics directly from our devices to yours.

How Truck GPS Tracking Helps You Deliver

Whether you’re a small company with one truck or an international logistics provider, they have the solution for your vehicle tracking needs. Their GPS trackers deliver pinpoint accuracy on where every single dollar goes so that nothing is left uncovered – not even locally. They know how crucial it is to keep things simple when managing such high-value assets as trucks, and that’s why their team offers all of these a wide range of services.

  • Easy Install- Installed in just minutes, their vehicle tracking devices help you easily keep tabs on your truck.

  • Track your truck with a simple interface and get insights into what you’re doing wrong or right. You can also see where there may be room for improvement by viewing data such as schedule preference, driver habits & efficiency levels.

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